A Piece of Me

I absolutely love this painting.  Believe it or not, this painting has a very special place in my heart.  This is the house that I grew up in when I moved to Indy from New York.  I remember every little thing about this house and back then, I thought it was humongous! This house has character and means a lot to me.  I remember so many things about this home.  I wish I could just go up and knock on the door of the current homeowners and ask if I can come in and take a look around.  Reminds me of Country Singer Miranda Lambert's song "The House that Built Me"... The thing I find most special about it, besides being the house I grew up in, is realizing that this house is like no other I've seen here in Indy.  It's unique, different and you can just tell by looking at just how beautiful it really is.  I may muster up the nerve to stop by and take a peek..uggg.. I drive by it quite often and looks like its been well loved and taken care of and that makes me happy.  Maybe one day, I can own it.. I would just love that.  But for now, I'll just have to admire it as I drive by and now this painting hangs in the living room of my tiny, quaint home and it reminds me everyday of my childhood and the years I spent in it.

This buffet table belonged to my parents.  They got this as a gift for their wedding.  It remained in the family for a number of years, and after many family gatherings, storage, garages, etc. I finally got my hands on it.  For a while I kept it as-is.  It pretty much had a very worn finish to it and lots of scratches.  When I originally refinished it, I stained it a very dark stain color.  It stayed like that for another seven or eight years, was used as a make-up vanity by my daughter Chandler.  After she had it for awhile and no longer wanted it, I took it back and found myself wanting to paint it, but I wasn't sure what color.   I just knew it needed a little face lift.  I decided to go with this trendy teal green color, use a silver paint pen to outline the carvings/grooves and add new ceramic knobs (from Pier 1) and voila!  It stayed in my house for about a year but I finally sold it to a co-worker.  Now she can keep it in her family and enjoy its beauty.

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