Thursday, June 13, 2013

Great uses for grain feed sacks

I was so excited last week I got my hands on some vintage burlap feed grain sacks.  They are so neat.  They are a little dirty and musty and I've researched them and they cannot be washed or the design will come of but I think I can repurpose them for sure..which makes me very excited about my next project.  The sacks I picked up (there were about 7 of them which I paid $5 for, what a steal!) that the majority of them are for old Purina Chow Foods.  The are red and blue print on more of an Oatmeal grain sack than a lighter color.  I really don't want to upholster a chair with "purina on it" but I might take the blank sections of fabric to see if I can't cover a chair (or two)..So with the logo on it showing, I think I might tackle a bench I have.  I found some photos (below) showing different uses on chairs.. but I also found a stool.  Pretty cool looking.  AND I get to use Miss Mustard Seed's Milk paint (in blue) for the first time so it should turn out pretty cool. 

This chair (above) is sooo pretty and perfectly paired with the logo used
from the grain sack

And as for these two, WOW, love the stripes!! Can't wait to hunt down some of
these sacks

Ohhh, lampshades.. I love 'em! You can do so much with so little.   I bet I have
a lampshade (or two) lying around that could use a makeover or I might hunt them down
at some garage sales.  This is a great idea for the left over pieces
that are too small to use as upholstery (hmm.. I see project #2 with this)

And so here it is.. when I saw this bench (above), I realized I could definitely refinish the one I have in my living room (which is taking up too much space so I need to get
rid of it) and make it more kitchy using repurposed grain feed sacks.  Love it!

So here is what I am starting with:

...and when I get finished with it this weekend, I will post the repurposed/refinished
bench..this should be great! check back and check it out!

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