Well I finally found some time to stick my hands in some paint and get a little dirty (well...not literally).  However, I have been putting off this project for some time now, afraid to tackle what was seemingly lying ahead of me.  But with a little elbow grease and some motivation, I started it.  So I started out tearing off the current fabric on this stool (what a tough job that was..ayayay).. once I tackled that, I started to paint.  Not just any paint, nooooo... I wanted to try my hand at some of Miss Mustard Seed's Milk paint.

This is it...MMS milk paint in Flow Blue.  Its a very pretty blue. Very classy blue.  I just knew this was the color I wanted to paint the legs of this bench.  Right now, they are black with a very high sheen and rubbed off in very small areas of the spindles on the legs.  (here is a picture up close of the legs)

They aren't bad looking.  I like why am I redoing this bench? Well, it started with the fact that I was able to get my hands on some fantastic grain feed sacks.  I knew right away I want to use them to upholster something, anything.  Look at my post from June 12, 2013 and you will see some amazing, creative ideas that I could be useful for the material.  So here I have this stool that eh... I could live without.  It was in the living room and taking up room but occasionally we would use it for something.  But quite frankly, I was bored with it.  It seemed typical and just  plain blahhh.. Well after looking at some ideas, I realized that bench could be well worth the makeover.  I found a few other benches using the burlap feed sacks as upholstery (see images below).

Cute right? I know.  Just adorable.

So here is my current project stage as it stands right now.  You can see I've got the previous fabric off (which was a nice white linen).  I can't decide if I want to put another layer of batting on or not.  I'll have to decide that pretty soon. 

 Unfortunately, as you can see in the pictures, the legs on the bench had so much of the high sheen on it that MMS milk paint was practically chipping off..ALL of it.. I know milk paint is supposed to chip but definitely not this much.. so I had to redo it. It's not supposed to look like this...

So what I ended up having to do is go back over all of this with some sand paper and sand what I could of the milk paint and also the places were the paint already came off and exposed the shiny surface underneath.  So now, I'm ready to apply another coat (or two) of the milk paint.  After the second coat and some light sanding, this is how it turned out, which I think is perfect.

The next step is to finish out any sanding left to do, then apply the wax finish.  

I'm finally finished!! Yay me!! LOL... I actually started a project and finished it (yes, I'm known to start many and not finish many..ha!) However, this one was easy and it was fun.  I actually found an exisiting piece that was "ho-hum" and used some vintage sacks and milk paint and gave it a completely different look!  I love it! I need to be on the hunt for more grain sacks.. I just love the nostalgia of them.  So here it is...drum roll

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