Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weighing In on Vintage Scales

What is it about rusty old scales any way? I know I'll never use one (especially the kind you stand on..ha!) but I don't usually spend any amount of time weighing out my food.  But there is something about the vintage scales.  I never really considered collecting them and whenever I'm checking out another blog (i.e. Miss Mustard Seed)
there's a scale..or two, or three... and I fell in love almost instantly
with them!  How can something so not necessary be so wonderful!
The rustier (is that a word? ha!) the better!  I actually came across my first one
at a yard sale, an unexpected stop no-less.  I saw it the minute I pulled up and I kept
telling myself "This is probably priced way too high and that's why nobody
has snatched it up"... As soon as I walked up to, the gentleman (who was dressed in overhauls and a cowboy hat) says, "I'll take $2 for it".. well, I must have looked like I was
disgusted with the price because before I could mutter another word, he says to
me "Alright, $1.50" ... SOLD!  And I took my treasure home :) . It gave me
just a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.  Finally, I had something that I had seen
everywhere on the internet, and it was actually mine.  So here is my pretty vintage scale, perfectly weathered, rusted and aged.  (My better half still gives me a funny look on this one..ha! Wait until you all see my vintage bread/flour/tea/coffee box). I'll post next!

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