Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's Tool Time

Let's just say I've been so lucky when it comes to barn picking and flea markets.  I'm onto another collection (doesn't surprise me) that I have to be on the hunt for whenever I'm hitting flea markets, garage sales or barn picks.  Toolboxes!  Antique, Vintage, unique, I'll take them! My latest find was through a friend (thanks Mel ;)) and she had a whopper of a tool box.  Wow, this thing was huge! 38" long to be exact.  But it was a beauty.  So of course I had to have it.  But I was bound and determine NOT to use it as a tool box or a planter or even a shelf (turned upside down).  I was going to use it on my newly purchased, recycled barn wood coffee table to hold magazines, remotes and coasters.  This you MUST see  

And this is how I decided to use it.. (look at my awesome coffee table too, another good find on at a barn ;))


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