Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Collection is a Wonderful Thing

So I am into collecting a few things now.  I find myself on the hunt for certain items
to add to the rest of my obsession.  Now, I remember having a collection
of many things, including bells, spoons, bears, etc.  But as our collections come and go, so does our taste and style.  We change over time, and that's perfectly fine.  
Nothing wrong with change.  So, back to this collection thing.  Okay, one
big thing I want to start finding are bread boxes.  Any type of bread box.  I have two now
and I love them.  I like things that are different, vintage, whimsical and artsy.  Here are 
the two bread boxes I have now.  The larger one actually has a flour, sugar, tea and coffee drawer and the bread section is on the bottom. Super cool! The other one, well needless to say I just love it because of the color and the crystal knob.  This is definitely
not going anywhere.. so take a look

Aren't they great?! Ya, I think so too!  So that's one obsession.. here's the other one.  Well, part of one.  I really have been into Ironstone.. But I don't own a real one yet.  I've seen them and I love them.  I'm awaiting the purchase or find of my first Ironstone.  So in my hunt for Ironstone, I came across a few mini pitchers.. all white.  I love them. And found the perfect way to show them off.. take a look!

I LOVE IT!  So moving onto my collection, and I've already partially highlighted this particular item earlier on my blog but I found a cool, new use for them! I will be looking for these everywhere!  Tool Caddies.... so versatile and who doesn't want to take an item and use if for something totally opposite of what its meant for! Check this out!

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