Perfectly Weathered

What's better than white? I love white.  It's crisp, fresh and stunning.  To top that off, to have white AND chippy... OMG! That's the part I love.. it's the perfectly weathered finds that make me the happiest...  It used to be that everything had to be pristine or perfect.. not anymore.  Those pieces that show the generations its been passed through or just someone who has given new life to a piece but kept the spirit of it with chippy paint are the coolest pieces by far that capture my attention.  And the thought of having a WHITE room?  Never in a million years.  But now I find them all over the internet and they are just absolutely gorgeous.  Miss Mustard Seed's blog shows her home using lots of white and I love it. You can't go wrong.. or can you?  Sometimes, yes, white isn't appropriate to use.  I would say in a room that is heavily traveled, visited or taken over by your little rugrats.. maybe not so much. But if you fall into this category and have that space, then designate a special room that you CAN have white.  It's the simplest pleasure in life.

Check out these perfectly rustic pieces I found at flea markets today! I enjoyed the day by starting off at an off the wall flea market out in the middle of nowhere.  It was amazing.  Nothing like I'd ever seen.  To get to it you drive down curvy broken asphalt, one lane bridges and curvy hills.  But then out of nowhere, is the flea market.  Lots of vintage goods, old tools, chickens (yes, chickens!), stools, wood, pots, pans, glassware, etc... you name it they would probably have it.  After living in Indiana most of my life, you would think I would have already known about this secret.  It was called Croy Creek Flea Market. Who knew?  Not me.  But I do now :) .  They have it twice a month, and guess where I will be next month finding more goods... 

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