Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's the Simple Things in life that matter.....

There is definitely something so pleasing about this photo... maybe its the water or the hint of boat in the background.  But my favorite thing is the bicycle.  It's white and bright, it is stunning.  It just sends a message out to me to just hop on and take off for a bike ride up the coast and take in the fresh air, the wind blowing in your hair, the splash of the waves on the water.  Now that's pleasing.  I think I'm going to begin a quest to find this bike! I just love it! I've seen many like it, well, somewhat like it.  However, I can't tell from this picture if its truly vintage or not.  Oh well, I still love it, old or new.  This bike is a must for me.

Ahhhh, my favorite color! Who knew? Well I can tell you all of my friends know this is MY color. I mean, not "my color" but it's my favorite and is all over my house.  It's all over this blog.  But it looks great! It's soothing, beautiful, refreshing and can go with any style decor and can be paired nicely with an array of other colors.  To me, this robin's egg blue color represents vintage, and it also represents the finer things in life.  Robin's egg blue, literally the color of the Robin's eggs.  Fragile, delicate and so pretty.  So be forewarned, you will definitely see this color many times posted on my blog.. i just love it :) 

This bed....what can I say about this bed?? WOW!! this thing is gorgeous!! Stunning, breathtaking... I could say many things about this.. I WANT I WANT I WANT! :) haha.. well, I know I wouldn't be able to afford this however I could try and find something very similar and recreate this room.  It's girly yes, but it's different and just says "take your shoes off and take a nap"...now where's my tea and my book.. can you just imagine? I know I could 

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